Evadney’s Corner

A message from the owner. 

Howdy Folks, 

It is important to me that I and agents associated with my agency work to help those families who have had the unfortunate luck of having a family member diagnosed with CML/AML.

I know from my own first-hand experience how hard it can be from diagnosis to treatment and sometimes back again. We know that our clients and their families depend on our help to provide them with clear concise options to protect themselves against the high cost of care.

This corner of our website was created as a tribute to my late mother and will include information I and my family had throughout her battle. 
As the saying goes. “Each one teaches one.”

This page will be updated from time to time to give our clients afflicted with this terrible condition help in all the ways that matter. 

Books to help you navigate and cope. 

Cancer and your finances.

Common resources are shared for patients of both CML/AML diagnoses.

  • Patient Assistance NOW (PANO) Gleevec**/Tasigna (Imatinib/Nilotinib) – Novartis Oncology

  • Patient Assistance NOW (PANO) for UNINSURED patients.
  • HealthWell Foundation Assists those with insurance who may not be able to afford their co-payments, coinsurance, and premiums for essential medical treatments.