Disability Insurance


The ability to make a living is the most important asset area much miss when financial planning. 
The likelihood of illness or accident increases every year and while some illnesses and accidents are fully recoverable your income during recovery may be threatened.

If you rely on your paycheck to meet your living expenses you should look into carrying your own Disability Insurance (DI).

Disability Insurance provides replacement income for a defined period of time if you become too sick, or you were injured outside of work and are unable to work for an extended period of time. 
Even if you have group short-term disability or long-term disability through your employer your coverage may not be sufficient to cover your living expenses. 

Nearly one in three Americans will have a need for disability insurance at some point in their careers. You are statistically more likely to be underprepared for a disruption in your pay.(1)

If you are looking for a cost-effective way to purchase affordable disability coverage with a maximum monthly benefit of $4,000 based on your income.

You can customize how much coverage you would like and for how long you would like the coverage to last.

Schedule an appointment today, the application process is simple.



1 Pew Charitable Trust, “The Role of Emergency Savings in Family Financial Security,” November 2015.